André Alves


The Home of hundreds of refugees

When we think about Paris, we think of the embellished facades, the eifel tower, the Lovre, the beautiful bay of Montmartre, all of this is sold to us as beautiful postcards, the postcards of hypocrisy.

In Paris there are dozens of emigrant camps, people fleeing from war, fleeing for a better future or simply fleeing because they want to be free, but here they are, trapped in an invisible cage, after months of risking their lives to get here they realize that after all the dream is a lie, they can’t get papers to work, they can’t find a place to sleep, the cold is huge, hunger too.

It is inhumane to leave children living on the streets, this is not the beautiful city of Paris that is sold to us on the postcards we all have at home.

I am also an immigrant, the only difference between us is that I was lucky enough to be born on the right side of the “river”, but life shouldn’t depend on luck, we should all be born with the same rights and opportunities.

I would like to thank Fadila Benrabah, president of the association “A la croisée des rues” and Isabel for having accompanied me and for the beautiful work that she does together with all the other people and associations that daily make themselves available to help