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Yvonne, the strength of a huge heart

Yvonne is responsible for all the dead in this hospital, works alone and is the link between life and death.

Her work begins by recovering the body in one of the hospital rooms, then a journey through the corridors and elevators to the basement where the morgue is located, she has to put the body in the freezer and document all the person’s data, in the days next she needs to take care of the body, almost like giving it back to life, so that her family can come and recover it.

The number of deaths is enormous, it is obliged to follow safety protocols, to have to use plastic protections that are extremely hot and that she herself is not sure if they are protected or not, if she is at risk of being infected or not, however the work needs to be done. this is hard work psychologically, but just as hard on the physical level.

This was not always the work of Yvonne, she started as a saleswoman, tired of the problems of the living world she preferred to start working in the world of the dead, a job that her mother was already doing in Africa. She entered this world because she also wanted to be alone, not having to deal with colleagues or the confusion of a normal day, she simply wanted to be alone.
She loves this job and for her it only makes sense to do this because she feels it is an important job, if she does her job well it can help to ease the pain of families in these difficult times. “In this work we see everything, it is necessary to do this with a lot of love, because the people who are dead do not speak, they are like children, they do not speak and are trusting me to take care of them, it is necessary to do this with dignity. I do not say that I am perfect at doing this job, but I do with my philosophy, it is not for the money, I try to give people back their dignity”

Through the hands of Yvonne, all kinds of religions, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Indians etc. pass by and all the processes are different, for example by an African woman she is dressed in her wedding dress, it is necessary to know how to adapt.

Yvonne is a woman full of strength, with a huge heart.